Our Curriculum Vision

We believe at East Claydon C of E School that learning should be serious fun – our school should be a thriving place for learning where children are supported and challenged to push their boundaries and achieve more than they thought possible. Our guiding thought for this comes from this quote:

‘It is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine' – Alan Turing

When children have completed their school career and entered adult life, they’ll be judged not by performance on basic skills tests – but rather, by the quality of their work and the quality of their character. We are clear that learning is more than just the content of the curriculum and the knowledge that children retain, it is vital that we complement our academic curriculum with other skills and opportunities for children to develop into:

  • Resilient learners - Showing commitment to developing independence and to the challenges they face.
  • Responsible individuals - Showing respect for themselves, other communities and culture and property.
  • Compassionate Citizens - Showing empathy, understanding and sensitivity to others.

These values link directly to our Christian values of Love, Commitment and Respect.

Using our 3 core curriculum drivers (Challenge, Contribution and Spirituality) we will ensure that the curriculum we design meets the need of our pupils and the local community.